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As most people are aware, YouTube Red is a paid service offered by YouTube for subscribers to watch video streaming. The main advantage of this particular service is its ads-free streaming service. Presently YouTube Red hosts a large amount of videos for the subscribers to enjoy.

YouTube Red is perfectly compatible with all the modern mobile devices, so the popularity increases at a significant speed.

One of the other significant facilities offered by YouTube’s new subscription service is that it allows paid subscribers to access the original video contents like movies and music. Also, they can listen to music in the background while engaging with some other task.

Moreover, YouTube Red subscribers will have the luxury of playing pre-loaded videos offline, enabling them to be entertained even when there is no internet connection.

Talking about the history of YouTube Red, initially it was launched in November 2014 as “Music Key” in view of providing entertainment with the integration of Google Play Music. “Music Key” also offered features like offline video play, background play and ads free videos for the subscribers.

Because its access to Google Play Music, “Music Key” had a very rich audio music database even at the initial stages of the service. When Music Key was on its way to be transformed into YouTube Red the service integrated with YouTube videos.

Music Key was re-launched as YouTube Red in October 28, 2015 after a short announcement for the enthusiasts. With the re-launch, It offered the facility of viewing original video for the users without the disturbance of advertisements.

This development led YouTube Red enthusiasts to enjoy premium content fromreputed YouTube producers and exceptional role models in the online community.

Features of YouTube Red:

  • Watch premium video content
  • Offline entertainment
  • Ads free entertainment for subscribers
  • Perfectly compatible with mobile devices
  • Rich music database with the integration of Google Music Play
  • Contribution of reputed YouTube producers
  • Compatibility with YouTube Music and gaming apps
  • Background play option (ideal for multitasking)

With all these features, YouTube seems to have an intention of competing with popular online streamers such as Hulu and Netflix. Adding more witness to this fact, YouTube Red continues to offer movie and series streaming facilities while gaining a considerable market share gradually.

They already have the collaboration of some of the leading producers and studios to offer original movies and series for the paid subscribers.


YouTube Red can be subscribed on monthly basis. All the above mentioned services are offered at a $10 per month ($9.99 to be precise). However, as a support for your curiosity, you can enjoy a 30 day free trial subscription and get a clear idea about the platform.

Despite of all the good characteristics and its low monthly rental, YouTube Red contains some amateur videos too.

Some of the people may find this little irritating as they expect 100% for the money they pay. But, to be realistic, having few amateur videos on and off will not kill the enthusiasm of a patient subscriber.

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