What Are F1 to F12 Function Keys on a Keyboard

F1 to F12 function keys on a keyboard: Do you know what they all do?

You might discover how the F1 to F12 function keys do different stuff depending on the application you are using. Basically, they are shortcut keys that can be assigned to basic tasks.

 F1 to F12 Function Keys

F12 / F1 to F12 Function Keys

  • FN + F12 = Next/ Fast Forward (on some laptops)
  • Ctrl + F12 opens a document In Word.


  • You could press F11 to Enter and Exit fullscreen mode in all Internet browsers.
    This will make all the toolbars disappear and can be useful to see more information on the screen.
  • FN + F11 = Previous / Rewind (on some laptops)


  • F10 is used to activate the menu bar in many programs. This is similar to right-clicking on an item.
  • FN + F10 = Stop (on some laptops)


  • FN + F9 = Play/Pause (on some laptops)

F8 / F1 to F12 Function Keys

  • The F8 key can be used to access Safe Mode when pressed during the computer’s boot up process. This is a trouble-shooting mode which will start the computer with minimal drivers.
  • FN + F8 = Volume Up (on some laptops)


  • You may use it to spell check and grammar check a document in Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • FN + F7 = Volume Down (on some laptops)


  • This key is often used to move the cursor to the address bar in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and most other Internet browsers. Pressing it will often cycle you from window to window.
  • FN + F6 = Mute Volume (on some laptops)


  • The F5 key is the refresh key. You could press F5 to refresh or reload the page or document window.
  • You might also use F5 when in Windows to refresh the screen.

F4 / F1 to F12 Function Keys

  • You probably won’t believe this, but You can press F4 to open the Address bar when working in Internet Explorer. This will allow you to type the address of a Web page for quick access.
  • You could press Alt + F4 to close the currently active program.


  • When you are working in Windows, pressing F3 key will open the Search Files window or for an application that is active at the moment.
  • Opens search box in browsers.


  • Highlight any folder or file, and press F2 to rename the item selected.
  • Ctrl + F2 displays the print preview window in Microsoft Word.

F1 / F1 to F12 Function Keys

  • In Windows, it’s pretty much standard for the F1 key to access a program’s Help function. When you press F1 while working in a program, help for that program will usually appear.

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