Is Pyramid Link Building a Good Practice for SEO?

pyramid link building

A variety of search engine optimization methods are available for the modern world website owners to consider about.

Pyramid link building holds a prominent out of them.

However, most of Us wonder whether pyramid link building has the ability to deliver effective results or not!


Is using a backlinking pyramid black hat seo?

Yes it is, especially when you do not follow the rules and break some basic Google no-no’s…..

Google considers links valuable in its ranking algorithm because they’re an indication of trust, credibility, and authority.

You must find out what’s safe, what isn’t, and apply for the “Right” way to build links.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that pyramid link building should only be done by a team of professionals who have a clear understanding about link building. Otherwise, you will not be able to experience all the benefits that are associated with pyramid link building. Probably, you will end up with a un-natural link message from google in your Google Search Console.

Before we analyze whether pyramid link building is really effective or not, you need to have a clear understanding about what it really is.

As you already know, links have the potential to direct traffic towards your website. This can enhance your visibility and sales volume at the end of the day. Search engines such as Google pays special attention towards high authority links.

In fact, they are provided with more value, instead of the weaker links that come from article directories, forum posts, blog comments and so on. When you follow a pyramid link building structure for your website, you will be able to experience a variety of benefits, whether they are weaker or stronger.

Therefore, pyramid link building can be defined as an excellent investment in effort and time.


Having said that Link pyramids can be created to any level that you prefer. It is a well-organized search engine optimization method as well.

Three level and four level link pyramids are extremely common out there. As you can imagine, the bottom level of the link pyramid would be the largest. This section consists of the links that come from blog comments, forum posts, social bookmarking websites and niche websites. These would be the easiest links that a website owner can obtain and you have to be careful while choosing the sites for the backlinks.

The links that you include in the signature boxes would come to level 3. In fact, the third level consists of more serious links. They usually originate from websites that have a higher authority. The links you obtain from article directories such as Ezine would come to the third layer.

The second level of the link pyramid can be considered as the core of it. Links with excellent quality will be included in this layer. On the other hand, you will have to put in a lot of effort to obtain these links. However, the effort you spend in order to get level 2 links can deliver a variety of advantages.

On top of level 2, you will be able to find the level 1 links. High quality backlinks pointing to your main page that can deliver amazing benefits to your website in the long run.

Your linking portfolio should probably contain a combination of all of the ones listed above.

The process of pyramid link building in Seo can be quite similar to a chain reaction. Make your link structure as natural as possible — “Do it Manually” 😉 and Build great content. You are better of creating good content in regular basis which is on demand in your niche.

People will be getting benefited from those content and you automatically will get earning links also and earn sometimes good link.

However, you need to be careful to seek the assistance of a reputed service provider to get the links created in the most effective manner.

Google’s algorithm is all about ranking sites that are “naturally” popular.

Pyramid link building IS important – but it’s not everything. Don’t get so wrapped up in your backlinking that you neglect other vital aspects of your SEO.

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