How To Access cPanel Login Page?

Do you mean Finding the Login Page for the Control Panel? Yes…. Most often managing websites can lead to problematic situations. In some cases, for one reason or another the most simple problem to deal with could be, losing the URLs used to access cPanel and login pages. cPanel, also known as the Control Panel, lets […]

WordPress Site Safe with Backup Buddy

What It Means To Embrace Backup Buddy Plugin? For many bloggers, backing up sites and content has never been their priority. Today though, backup buddy has played a key role in making this a reality by not only backing up databases and individuals piece of work, but also in ensuring websites are backed up. What […]

How To Create a WordPress Website – AMAZING!

How To Create a WordPress Website? Have you ever wanted your own website? You want to build your wordpress website or add something new to your existing one, but you are scared? Do you want to own a Website that you can be proud of? Do you want to Create An Amazing Website In Less […]

How To Add HOME Button to WordPress Menu?

Sometime the questions may seem a bit dumb and some of the answers even dumber. But the fact of the matter is that: You want answers, You want solutions – You want them Now. Because, You just can’t figure out how to add HOME Button to WordPress Menu along with contact us or about us page. […]