15 YouTube Video Ideas, ULTIMATE Source for YouTube INSPIRATION

In this article, we’ll be discussing plenty of good YouTube video ideas you can come up with. Whether you’re starting with your first YouTube channel or Looking to create some quick and simple video content for your business, this youtube video ideas list will help motivate you to push forward productively to success no matter where you are in your journey. 1. Video DESIGNED […]

Want to Know Your Internet speed?

It rings true – We all want a faster, better Internet Speed. How does the internet speed test work? The speeds of all internet plans are measured in Mbps, and it relates to the speed that you can upload and download data to and from the internet. A speed test website measures the speed between […]

How To Merge PDF Files Into One Final PDF For FREE

There are a few Tools out there that allow you to merge PDF files into one document. Some ofer free trials, some are paid, while others are free to use. Now – get a cup of coffee or tea or juice, and enjoy reading this article. We are. I’m going to show you how going through […]

What is a Vlog on YouTube

A vlog is the abbreviation word for a video log or video blog and it is considered to be the world of video blogging. Vlogging is one of the most popular TYPE OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Out of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels, about a quarter of them provide vlogs as their primary style […]

What Are F1 to F12 Function Keys on a Keyboard

F1 to F12 function keys on a keyboard: Do you know what they all do? You might discover how the F1 to F12 function keys do different stuff depending on the application you are using. Basically, they are shortcut keys that can be assigned to basic tasks. F12 / F1 to F12 Function Keys FN + […]

YouTube Red – New Way To Experience YouTube

As most people are aware, YouTube Red is a paid service offered by YouTube for subscribers to watch video streaming. The main advantage of this particular service is its ads-free streaming service. Presently YouTube Red hosts a large amount of videos for the subscribers to enjoy. YouTube Red is perfectly compatible with all the modern mobile devices, so the popularity […]

How To Get HEX Color Code From Image Or Website?

Probably, You have been trying to figure out how to get hex color code from an image or website because: You simply found a color that you like on a website and want to use it. You need to grab a colour for a last minute project. You are  struggling to know a color from […]