15 YouTube Video Ideas, ULTIMATE Source for YouTube INSPIRATION

In this article, we’ll be discussing plenty of good YouTube video ideas you can come up with.

Whether you’re starting with your first YouTube channel or Looking to create some quick and simple video content for your business, this youtube video ideas list will help motivate you to push forward productively to success no matter where you are in your journey.



We all want to make money from our YouTube Channel, right? And YouTube doesn’t say how many of its billion+ viewers are children, but it’s safe to bet that it’s already the biggest kids entertainment platform in the world.

Building a youtube channel in the Kids Category with – Eggs Surprise videos, TOYS CHALLENGE, Toys reviews, Unboxing toys videos, Learn numbers for kids, Learn colors, etc…. seems to be an alternative to traditional children’s TV.

2. Funny Videos go Viral

You can’t even imagine how quickly they go viral; even a well made short video of anything more than 30 seconds can go viral so quickly! So go ahead, Maybe you are the next one that can make the world laugh.

3. A Challenge Video

A new challenge.. first there was the ice bucket challenge, then there was the cinnamon challenge and now there is the .. do all 15 youtube video ideas challenge.


More often than not, what your audience gets to see is the final video.

How do you do that video?

A little glimpse behind the scenes of recording some videos can be extremely useful and special. Behind the scenes videos/documentaries are an easy task because you don’t have to film anything new.

5. Vlogs – YouTube Video Ideas

Vlogging is one of the most popular TYPE OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Out of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels, about a quarter of them provide vlogs as their primary style of footage.


Since the release of iOS 8, even your iPhone is capable of making amazing time-lapse videos. The result is a impressive hyper-realistic compression of time.

7. Stop Motion Videos

Stop motion is an animation technique and it’s still used very widely today! It is a series of pictures put together, where inanimate objects seem to move freely across a scene and come to life.

8. Helpful How-To Do Anything Tutorials

How-to searches on Youtube are incredibly popular. Wikihow is the best source for useful how-to videos and guides. People like to follow those they find to be caring, trustworthy and likable. And an incredible tool we have to show them ourselves at our best, is Videos.

9. News and Opinion

Share your opinion on a popular topic. Go ahead and say it! You might discuss current events, Explain a complex issue or simply satire the news.

10. Technology Youtube Videos

In this category you can create a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet. From the newest smartphone to electrifying gadgets and technology people never knew existed. You can explain functionality, discuss tech news, compare products or review new tech, etc.

11. Gaming Videos

This seems improbable to some people outside of gaming, but watching people game is one of the most popular youtube video ideas today. YouTube is a favorite way for people to learn, connect, and be entertained. Review a game, do a walk through or showing off game secrets, etc… might help bring in new viewers.

12. Travel and Adventure Content

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

Videos influence travel decisions: YouTube visitors watch online travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip.

While you’re somewhere cool; film the main tourist attractions, recommend cool food or review hotels and restaurants.

13. Beauty and Fashion Tips and Advices

Here are a few things you can do: Offer step-by-step instructions on hair styling ideas, how to chop parsley, beauty tips, makeup how-tos, review makeup, how to match clothes, and more.

14. Health and Fitness Tips and Advices

Help People Eat Healthy and Stay Fit. Create Video workouts from the comfort of your home. Talk about suplements, recommend vitamins, explain an exercise, Fitness Dos and Don’ts, and more.

15. Music Youtube Video Ideas

Fans and Users are always hungry for relevant content. A video going viral is usually an unexpected accident. You can Promote Your Music on Youtube, review an album, step by step singing lessons, cover a song, review equipment, and more.

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